Coffee is my favourite salad

TheMatz covered a barista workshop in the weekend.

It took place in Gavilan bakery in Jette (Brussels) on October 15th, and teaching the coffee lovers who attended was Belgian Barista Champion of 2009, Melanie D'Lores Nunes.

She knows a great deal about coffee, and some of this knowledge has now rubbed off on the attendees, and myself.

It was a very interesting workshop, and one of those occasions where I didn't only get to take pictures, I got to learn things and I must say, she makes a hell of a coffee!

I got to drink one of her creations, and it's probably the best coffee I've had.

Good quality (fair trade) Ethiopian coffee, and Belgian (fair trade) full fat milk for the best froth.

I wish I could cover a workshop like that every morning.

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